Mexico Gold 50 Peso


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Experience a piece of Mexican heritage with the Mexico Gold 50 Peso coin, a highly sought-after bullion for collectors and investors alike. Struck by the prestigious Mexican Mint, this coin is not only a significant historical artifact but also a valuable investment in gold.


  • Metal Type: Gold
  • Metal Content: 1.2057 oz
  • Purity: 0.900
  • Condition: About Uncirculated
  • Mint: Mexican Mint


The Mexico Gold 50 Peso coin boasts a rich history and exquisite craftsmanship. With a gold purity of 0.900 and a substantial weight of 1.2057 ounces, it stands out as a prime example of quality and durability. Each coin is carefully selected from the Mexican Mint to ensure it meets the about uncirculated condition criteria, offering you a piece of history in exceptional form.

Please note, we do not offer a selection of specific years for this product, ensuring each piece you receive is unique and adds a touch of mystery to your collection.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to own a symbol of Mexican pride and history. Add the Mexico Gold 50 Peso coin to your collection today and invest in a tangible asset that continues to stand the test of time. Shop now to secure your piece of this timeless treasure.


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Mexico Gold 50 Peso

33 in stock