Secure transaction using Zelle on a smartphone, highlighting the enhanced security features and ease of use for purchasing precious metals.

At Green T Metals, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction process is paramount to keeping our risk exposure low, and in turn, keeps our prices low and competitive.

That’s why we use Zelle as our primary payment method. Zelle is a payment option that offers efficiency, affordability, and security, accessible in your Bank’s Mobile App or in their standalone Zelle App.

Here are three compelling reasons to use Zelle when purchasing precious metals from us:

1. Immediate Transaction Processing

Zelle facilitates direct and instant payments from your bank account to ours, allowing you to capitalize on real-time market prices.

This immediacy is crucial in the precious metals market, where prices can change rapidly. It allows Green T Metals to process your order immediately, and start the Pack & Ship process the same day the order is made.

2. No Additional Fees

Zelle stands out by offering a payment service without any transaction fees.

Since Green T Metals doesn’t have to pay a fee to collect with Zelle, neither do you!

It’s an ideal option for budget-conscious investors looking to maximize their investment.

3. Enhanced Security

With security being a top priority for online transactions, Green T Metals uses Zelle to ensure incoming orders are Paid in Full & the Funds are secured in our account. This let’s us confidently pack & ship your product inside our normal 3-5 business day processing time. (Sometimes as early as the same day!)

When you see our company name (GTM AURORA, LLC) in your Banking App’s Zelle Menu, you’ll know you’re sending the funds to the right company, and can be confident we will process your order immediately.

How to Make Your Purchase with Zelle

To use Zelle for your next purchase at Green T Metals, simply select Zelle at checkout, follow the provided payment instructions, and send the payment through your bank’s app or Zelle standalone app.

Don’t forget to capture and email us a screenshot of your payment confirmation along with your order number to expedite the process.


Choosing Zelle for your transactions at Green T Metals means enjoying a fast, fee-free, and secure purchasing experience. Click over to the Shop to explore our products and benefit from the ease and efficiency of using Zelle today.

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