kilo of silver

When it comes to investing in precious metals, the a Kilo of Silver stands out as an impressive and substantial addition to any portfolio or collection. These bars, sourced from a selection of top-tier brands, offer not only a significant amount of silver but also a piece of fine craftsmanship from leading names in the industry.


  • Metal Type: Silver
  • Metal Content: 1 Kilogram (1,000 grams, or also 32.15ozt)
  • Purity: 999+
  • Brand: Our Choice
  • Condition: Varies (No Damage)

Investment Value and Craftsmanship

Investing in kilo of silver Bar combines bulk value with the artistry and reliability of renowned precious metals brands. Each bar’s unique brand and condition provide a distinctive touch, making them attractive to both new enthusiasts and seasoned collectors. These sizable, tangible assets are perfect for those looking to diversify their holdings.

Current Price of 1 Kilo of Silver

As of 4:42 PM Central Time on June 2, 2024, the spot price of silver is $30.47 per ounce. This price reflects the current market value of silver and fluctuates based on supply and demand dynamics, economic indicators, and geopolitical events.

Purchasing a 1 Kilo Silver Bar

At Green T Metals, you can purchase a 1 Kilo Silver Bar, with the brand varying based on availability. Here are the details:

  • With the spot price of silver at $30.47 per ounce
  • Price for Kilo of Silver bar: $1,040.05
  • Free Shipping: Available for orders over $500.00

1 Kilo Silver Bar – Brand Varies

Why Buy a Kilo of Silver as a bar?

  1. Significant Investment: Owning a 1 Kilo Silver Bar means holding a substantial amount of silver, which can serve as a hedge against inflation and economic instability.
  2. Diversification: Adding a large silver bar to your collection diversifies your investment portfolio, balancing it with tangible assets.
  3. Craftsmanship and Quality: Each bar is crafted by leading brands, ensuring high quality and authenticity.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a new investor or a seasoned collector, a Kilo of Silver Bar from Green T Metals is a valuable and impressive addition to your precious metals portfolio. With free shipping on orders over $500.00, it’s never been easier to invest in silver.

For more information and to purchase your 1 Kilo Silver Bar, visit Green T Metals.

If you have any further questions about investing in silver or need assistance with your purchase, feel free to reach out to our team at Green T Metals. We’re here to help you make informed and confident investment decisions.

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